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Community Outreach Program


"I’m glad that my team and I were able to go help out the less fortunate by packing food and using our teamwork to pack the food faster and get as much done as possible. It was fun and made me happy to help out the community."

Weston, 15s

Community Outreach Objectives

The Community Outreach Program provides community outreach opportunities for the Kinnect players, coaches, and families to enhance players growth and development, engage in the local and global community, and promote the club ethos and culture.

  • Build positive team spirit: Foster players camaraderie through transformative volunteer opportunities.

  • Engage the Kinnect club in community service: Organize community service activities to support Kinnect philanthropic culture.

Fall 2024 Season Outreach


Beach Clean Up & Play

Let's keep our shores healthy and safe for people and marine wildlife.


Join your Kinnect teammates, coaches, parents, and bring your friends to help clean up a local beach and stay afterwards to enjoy beach volleyball and a potluck picnic.


Food Insecurity
Second Harvest Food Bank

Did you know Second Harvest Food Bank feeds over 65,000 people in the Santa Cruz county who suffer from food insecurity each month?

Kinnect teams will work together to sort and pack food at the Second Harvest Food Bank followed by pizza lunch.


Equitable Access
Volleyball Clinic Day

Kinnect supports organizations that aim to create a welcoming, just, equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for all people regardless of abilities, gender, etc.

Kinnect players and coaches will conduct volleyball clinics for youth in our community.

Jasper, 15s

“I liked working with my team to do something good for the community."

Renzo, 15s

"Volunteering at the Harvest Food Bank was a great opportunity to learn basic skills, Kinnect with my teammates,  and help people in the community as we do it. I’d do it again!."

Rocklin, 15s

“Volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank was actually a lot of fun! I liked working with my friends and it felt good to know that I was helping people who are less fortunate than me.”

Future Outreach Activities






Disability Access


Animal Welfare




Global Impact

Kinnect has a microlending team on Kiva, the San Francisco-based microlending organization that "envisions a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives." Kiva lending teams are self-organized groups that pool their $25 loans from members for larger global impact.  The Kiva Kinnect Team is open to anyone to join. 

Kiva-Kinnect Team3.png

Gear Up


Scholarship Fund

Visit our Bonfire online store to order your Kinnect Core Values gears (crewneck, tshirts, hoodies, etc) in a variety of colors and sizes. All proceeds go toward the Kinnect Scholarship Fund to make our club accessible to as many families as possible in our community who cannot afford our dues. Your order will be sent directly to your address after the 21-day fundraising campaign closes.

Community Kinnectors

 Meet our Community Outreach Coordinators who set up local and global community outreach opportunities for our players, coaches, parents, and supporters. Please contact them if you want to discuss any volunteer opportunities.

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