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Blades of Glory


Blades of Glory is a coed grass tournament that brings our wonderful community together for a day of fun competition. You might be curious who is invited to come and play? Everyone!!! Make a team with your parents, siblings, friends, teammates, or new people who share the love of this sport! This is an exciting way to kick off the club season with all our friends and families.



Sunday October 6th, 2023


DeLaveaga Park

855 Branciforte Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95065


Everyone Is Invited.


$160 Per Team For 4 players

$40 Dollars a Player After Your First 4. Cap at 5 players per team.


Making a Team

This is a coed 4s tournament which means...

  • you need a minimum of four players

  • You need at least one player of the opposite gender on the court at all times (ex: three boys and one girl or three girls and one boy, or two and two)

  • Open - Best for youth and adult players who are experienced.​

  • A - Best for youth (under 16), Families, or beginner-intermediate players.

***Note: you are welcome to play in any division, just be aware that open players will be more experienced and A players will be less experienced. It's your teams decision where you play.

Need Help Finding a Team

Use this link to put down your information and find other people who are also looking for a team.


2022 Winners

Mitchell's Bay

Erin Mitchell

Tobin Mitchell

 Leo Tuncer

Ben Pearson

Moses Wagner

What do we play for?

Sure some prizes but primarily bragging rights until next time.

2021 Winners

The SlimySlugs

Tennessee Fulks

Claire Okerlund

 Giovanni Martins 

Jacob Shapiro

What do we play for?

Sure some prizes but primarily bragging rights until next time.


Additional Details


We will have 48 sandwich halves from Erik's Deli dropped off around 11:00am. They will be $7.00. 

  • Ciao Down - Traditional salami, turkey, Swiss, hot cherry peppers, Erik's basil pesto, on ciabatta roll.

  • Rio Grande Club - Turkey, bacon, pepper jack, avocado, tomato, lettuce, Secret Goo, on ciabatta roll

  • Farmer's Market (VEGETARIAN) - Avocado, mushrooms, red bell peppers, carrots, sliced pickles, sunflower seeds, lettuce, sweet hot mustard, onions, tomato, clover sprouts on 9-grain wheat.

Please feel free to bring your own lunch also. Definitely bring you own additional snacks.


We will have a large Gatorade container for people to fill up with. Usually once it's gone it is difficult to refill though, so definitely bring your own water(s) also.

Shade & Seating:

Please bring your own shade and seating if you want it. There's not a ton of shade, so we would recommend bringing it.


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