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Spring Camp Kinnect

5 Sessions over 5 weeks


Our week-long Summer program offers a fun-filled experience in the exciting sports of indoor and beach volleyball. The Camp Kinnect Summer sessions are suitable for boys and girls from 3rd to 8th grade who have less than two years of experience in the game. On the first day, players will be grouped based on their skill level, ensuring that each participant gets to play on a court that suits their abilities, whether they are new to the game or have some middle school experience.


The camp runs for 3 hours and focuses on teaching fundamental skills. We provide structured play that offer player feedback through drills, as well as unstructured free playtime where players can work on specific areas of interest.

Camp Kinnect Spring 2023
Camp Kinnect Spring 2023
Our 5-session Spring program provides an immersive camp experience that revolves around the fun and exciting sport of indoor volleyball. The camp caters specifically to beginners, from 3rd to 8th grade. May 21 - June 18, 2023 9:00AM - 11:00AM Harbor High Gym 300 La Fonda Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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